Our honey


Our honey comes from the Allariz Area Biosphere Reserve, it is extracted with artisanal methods by hand. Our honey is cold extracted from the combs by mechanical methods, preserving all its properties unafected, and also containing the corresponding proportion of pollen and propolis.

We have three monofloral varieties of honey:



Sweet but strong, with a robust flavour.








Composition: mostly oak honeydew, accompanied by chestnut and wild plants.


Visual appearance: very dark amber almost black.


Aroma: malty, malt-infused.


Taste: sweet with clear salty components.


Therapeutic applications: one of the most nutritious honeys, rich in antioxidants, high in minerals and highly recommended for anemia or deficiencies in the body. One of the most effective for healing.





Sweet but not soft, with a unique personality









Composition: mainly autochthonous chestnut trees, accompanied by bramble and wild plants.
Visual appearance: mahogany color.
Aroma: dry wood.
Taste: sweet flavor, with salty notes.
Therapeutic applications: regenerates intestinal tissues, acting as a natural anti-inflammatory. In addition, it is a honey rich in potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, key elements for good blood circulation. Contains a lot of iron being good after blood loss.




Soft, sweet and aromatic








Composition: mostly mixed thickets of pinkish plants, among which the brambles stand out, accompanied by chestnut and wild plants.
Visual appearance: light amber color.
Aroma: delicate and fruity, acid notes.
Taste: mild and very sweet flavor with subtly acid notes.
Therapeutic applications: effects against diarrhea and dysentery. Very good to promote good digestion. One of the best honeys to treat respiratory conditions, with expectorant properties.





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